My Aikido tenets and Philosophy


Below are the six tenets I use to define my Aikido practice. These six statements sumerise what I believe Aikido should offer those interested in practicing it:

        1. Aikido is not a fighting system. It is a system for self defense that seeks the safest possible resolution to conflict for all involved.

        2. Aikido should be practiced in a joyful manner, and include anyone who is seriously interested in its methods.

        3. Aikido uses an opponent’s desire to attack against them.

        4. Aikido’s technical methods should always account for multiple attackers and situations where we are not the most physically dominant force.   

        5. Aikido’s technical methods are based around weapons conflict.

        6. Aikido is a martial art of Japanese descent. This fact should be recognized and respected.

I use these six tenets to create a basic philosophy for Aikido that I use.

Aikido is: A system that teaches one to deal with overwhelming conflict, while seeking to keep all parties as safe as possible. This system is taught as an enjoyable practice, offered to anyone interested in Japanese-style martial arts training.






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