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Uchi-Deshi, Live in student program with Christopher Hein Sensei.

Have you ever wanted to study Aikido full time? Would you like to start your days, and end your nights by practicing our art? Would you like to engross yourself in the system, gaining all of it’s benefits? Would you like to dedicate yourself to a Sensei, gaining his insights and understanding? If so, then being Uchi-Deshi might be for you.

Uchi-Deshi is a live in student. Being Uchi-Deshi has been part of the Aikido practice since the very beginning. You will find in your studies of the Aikido greats, that almost all of them were Uchi-Deshi at one point or another.

Being Uchi-Deshi is about making a full time commitment to training. Living in the Dojo and dedicating all of your time to the practice. You will live in an amazing way that is constantly challenging and rewarding. Your progress in the art of Aikido will leap ahead, as both your mind and body become attuned to the training.You will be living the path of an Aikidoka.

At my Dojo, Aikido of Fresno I offer a full time Uchi-Deshi program. You will attend over 16 classes a week. Work and live in the Dojo giving yourself full time to Aikido training. Before becoming a teacher, I was myself Uchi-Deshi for over a year. Constantly living the Aikido path is an amazing feeling. There is nothing like this kind of training. If this feels like something you might be interested call the Dojo for more information.

+1 (559) 237-2454

-Christopher Hein

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