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The weapons work you see on this site.

The weapons work that I do is heavily influenced by the work of Morihiro Saito Sensei, or the Iwama Buki waza. I originally learned this weapon form, from Patrick Cassidy Sensei who trained directly under Morihiro Saito for a number of years.

I have, since learning these forms, spent much time training with weapons outside of the Iwama system. Through sparring, live drills and my study of the traditional weapons systems of Japan, I have changed several things from the original Iwama work.

I believe the Iwama weapons work to be the most natural weapons system to practice with traditional Aikido Taijutsu, and have retained much of that in the weapons I teach. However as live training, competition and sparring have made adaptations to my Taijutsu, my weapons understanding and practice have changed as well. What you see in the videos’ presented here are the weapons of our school, the Chushin Tani Aikidojo. While those who know the Iwama system would recognize much of what is presented here, I lay absolutely no claim to teaching the Iwama weapons system. The Iwama system is a great school of Aikido, and I would highly recommend any serious student of Aikido make a study of its practices.

-Christopher Hein

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